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  •  In a way, I'm incredibly lucky. (8+ / 0-)

    Suffering from colitis severe enough to be terminal, I found out the hard way that Ohio State, the place where I was a graduate student, had simply deemed me too expensive to live.  That was hammered home most efficiently when I tried to negotiate a bigger drug benefit (for more premium) with an insurance rep, only to get told quite directly that chronically ill students had been "tossed out the lifeboat" in order that the undergrads could have a cheap policy.

    The benefit was $1500 worth of drugs a year, after which you paid 100%.

    What saved me was two things: finding out that the Cleveland Clinic, one of the premiere digestive disease centers in the world, was in my network, and a well-off (but far from wealthy) friend giving me a $3500 gift so I'd survive the wallet biopsy the Clinic did before they would schedule a surgery.

    One full colectomy and J-pouch later, I STILL need a drug that costs about $1500 a month to survive, but at least now my disease is in remission.  Thanks to one well-off friend.

    How many out there don't have well-off friends, who face such abandonment by "the system?"  Too fucking many.  I survived being labeled surplus population.  Many do not.  And I'm glad you, too, have made it so far, DarkSyde.

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