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View Diary: Report: CO2 emissions rise. Cost of delay in acting on climate change beyond 2020? $3.5 trillion (75 comments)

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  •  It is tough as it is more like a frog that is put (2+ / 0-)
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    psychodrew, Meteor Blades

    cold water and the water is slowly warmed up until the frog is dead/cooked. The consequences of Climate Change are already here (not in the future as the reluctant Republicans that even admit it like to say) and they are slowly begging to affect more and more people, but since there has not been a clear line where we can say that "now it started" or "this is clearly caused by climate change" people are getting acclimated to the consequences of Climate Change.  And since there will not be a clear date on which the consequences start too many are happy to shrug it off and say "someone else's problem."

    The problem is real, the problem is here and the problem is ours.

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