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  •  I work for a supermarket (9+ / 0-)

    Hey! Let's give the poor all the spoiled food!

    And while we are at it, let's let the poor kids clean the school bathrooms!

    Any other great ideas?

    Supermarkets operate on a miniscule margin. Believe me, they do not throw perishables away that shouldn't be. Produce doesn't have a "sell by" date. It stays in the display until it needs to go. Meat, bakery and dairy goods stay at full price until that margin that you want to give it to the poor. At that two or three days before expiration, it gets marked down. Damaged packaging is also sold at markdown. Believe me, grocers do not throw away anything that is consumable.

    And grocery needs are more than just perishables. How about canned goods? Soap? Pet products?

    The point is, it is not a crime to be poor. The poor deserve respect, too. The SNAP program is designed for people to get what they need. They are free to buy full-price products, or they may budget their dollars (just like we all do) and buy items at markdown.

    Your ideas - to give trash to the poor and make them live on it - is ghoulish.

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