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View Diary: Ted Cruz outraged that Obama wants immigration bill to do what it's supposed to do (99 comments)

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    Old Sailor

    The Republicans get freedom from worrying about any more ethnic minority voters, continued cheap labor and good vibes from no longer forcing people to work and survive underground, everyone gets security from SSN-related identity theft or crossing of records, and everyone to the right of John McCain goes home happy . . .

    This is the thing Cruz is counting on; it's inhuman to go on forcing illegals through the daily situation they're in and everyone knows it, and Cruz is counting on the Democrats acting on that knowledge by yielding all of the things the Republicans see as benefits without any of the things that might hurt Republicans politically.

    Cruz is a robber baron of the worst kind disguised in John Birch clothing.  That's my theory at least, and I'm sticking to it for now.

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