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  •  I went to DC and had to buy a train ticket in (4+ / 0-)
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    chantedor, CroneWit, MKinTN, Audri

    Baltimore around 2004. I tried to pay cash because I didn't feel like telling Big Brother who I was, even though I was a Librarian on a Congressionally sponsored trip to the Library of Congress. Nothin' to see there, I just didn't feel like discussing it so I brought cash. They would not sell me the ticket without inputting my driver's license info into their computer. I didn't have time to fight for long and definitely not time for a civil disobedience scene, so I gave in. She had actually told me she just needed to look at it, but she typed it in at lightning speed.

    Now for those of you saying to yourselves, 'we need at least a modicum of security, here. The engineer should be allowed to know who's on his train...'

    -follow me out onto the platform, where I waited, fully identified, by the spot where the chain-link fence behind me that should have been keeping people from entering the platform through the wooded area was hanging down and resting on the ground at one place, wide open. So much for security. I briefly pictured someone sneaking up and mugging me for my ticket and then doing something crazy in my name.  Then I decided not to live in fear.

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