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View Diary: David Brooks channels all of the Beltway down onto Edward Snowden's head (181 comments)

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  •  He should have said that Snowden had the devil's (0+ / 0-)

    mark on his left inner thigh:  666.   The Devil of Betrayal is what he designated Snowden by using this term many times and by the way not one thin reed of possible good coming from this.  Snowden, pouts fearless national megaphone, has made matters worse.  An example:  the authorities will now feel obligated to tighten things more than ever and Snowden did this.  How dull Mr. Brooks has become thinking his fantasies are really our realities.  So far Manning and Snowden are patriots in my eyes and heart.  I don't know about Mr. Swartz.  I hope I have spelled his name correctly because he was in his twenties, a brilliant computer something, and a suicide.  He was about to be indicted by a prosecutor in Massachsetts.

    Three young men who should have sold out for future and immediate gain, but could not succeed without honesty.

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