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  •  I believe it was deliberate irony ... (3+ / 0-)
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    ... regarding the "yawn, this is all old news" response.

    Not only was this site all over the parts of the story that broke in '06, but there were not administration defense teams out defensplaining how this is all legal and right and proper and nothing to see here back in '06 ... because at that time the administration in question has an "R", so this kind of abuse of power was an abuse of power.

    The funny thing is not so long ago, a common response to charges that the Obama administration was engaged in advancing the Bush administration abuses of power was that it couldn't be true, because Obama had proclaimed his opposition on the campaign trail.

    But it turned out what he was against was doing it illegally, and he had secret court opinions that "made it legal" to do information collection and storage that the STASI could only dream of accomplishing.

    So rebut the claim there wasn't anything much going on (the "only 200 requests" line) and all of a sudden its "Oh, that, yeah that abuse of power is no big deal because its been going on all along."

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