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View Diary: ACLU sues White House over 'dragnet' data collection (113 comments)

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  •  Not exactly what Jones holds, or even what the (0+ / 0-)

    5 justices said.  But its not an illogical extension of it.

    OTOH, the holding of US v. Jones rests as much on classic trespass law for 4 justices iirc (you trespassed on my property when you touched it by putting the bug on it) and classic application of the 'reasonable expectation of privacy' doctrine for the rest of the majority.  

    Sontemayor's (iirc) concurrence does get into all this 'survelliance' stuff, but it didn't 5 justices didn't sign off on that, so I;m skeptical.

    OTOH, Scalia is unpredictable with regard to the 4th, so who knows.  He'll certainly want to give Obama a blackeye...

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