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View Diary: ACLU sues White House over 'dragnet' data collection (113 comments)

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    The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written with all classes of people in mind, from those who could not read or write but were nonetheless intelligent and had an average understanding of the meaning of the words they used in everyday conversation, to those with a grade school education, to those with a college education.  (Some illiterate people had been soldiers in the Revolutionary War; just because they had no 'book learning' didn't mean they were stupid.)

    The beauty of our Founding Documents is that they ARE so easily understood by everyone because the language is very simple and very clear.  No legalese loopholes or exclusions or exceptions like laws written nowadays..., but our Founding Documents have just plain everyday language written in a perfectly legible manner so that anyone can comprehend it.

    Plus which, our Founding Documents were never written with the idea of having one public government and one "secret government" in the shadows managing the public part of government like what has developed since 2000.  Nothing in our Founding Documents provides for "secret interpretations" of ANY of our laws, nor any pretzel logic or twisted legalese to try to make laws and treaties say the opposite of what's stated so clearly: no torture - torture is a war crime..., it's all in our laws and treaties incorporated into the Constitution as the law of the land.  The Founding Documents were all written to be published on broadsheets in the town square and/or in newspapers - zero secrets for running the government.

    Virtually all our "secrets" make their way to being published in newspapers and magazines and books as soon as journalists get ahold of them, so there's really not that much that's actually secret..., nor should there be many secrets.  Certainly there should never be some of the secrets they have now, and our own government illegally and unconstitutionally spying on us without warrants or just cause is one of the biggest open secrets we've had to deal with since 2000.

    Much is made of "how we gave up our rights for security after 9/11."


    I don't know about anyone else, but 1) no one asked me if I wanted to willingly give up my rights for fear of the ter'rists; and 2) my answer would have been "Hell, No!" if I'd been asked.  At our most vulnerable is not the time to voluntarily give up our rights; it's a time to hang on to them for dear life because they are the only common ground we have.

    Our rights were taken away from us by a bunch of scared Cretinous Congress Critters.  THEY were the ones who took away our rights WITHOUT our consent because THEY were the ones who were afraid.  They STILL try to scare us senseless by justifying their illegal and unconstitutional actions by saying "the ter'rist boogeymen are coming!"

    Uuuuummmm... No.  How many people have been killed so far this year in this country by common criminals (elevated to superhuman gigantic status by mislabeling them as "terrorists")?  Now..., how many have been killed by drunk or inattentive drivers or reckless drivers?  How many have been killed by handguns and gang violence?  How many people have died by other means that are natural causes (as a result of old age, cancer, other fatal illnesses)?  The smallest number will still be that of people killed by "ter'rists."  We have more to fear from drunk and inattentive drivers than we do from "ter'rists."

    I want us to all have all of our constitutional rights back and illegal and unconstitutional laws repealed in their entirety.  There was just quite simply NO good reason to enact "temporary" laws to take away our rights, and worse, extend those temporary illegal and unconstitutional laws, unless our gub'mint officials wanted us to get used to not having our rights so it would be easy for them to permanently take away our rights and change the constitution at some point in the future.

    Knowing we are being spied upon, and to what extent, and getting pissed about it is good.  We just might be able to regain our full constitutional rights.... As long as we are on a roll, we need to push to repeal the unconstitutional and illegal laws that "temporarily" took away our rights WITHOUT our consent.

    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Tue Jun 11, 2013 at 08:41:36 PM PDT

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