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View Diary: Proposed NC law would do away with handgun permits (33 comments)

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  •  Wow! The NRA will stop at nothing to sell more (1+ / 0-)
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    "product."  Just like all the "stand your ground" laws, this law is designed with one purpose - to instill fear so that more people feel that their only recourse is to buy a gun in order to protect themselves and their families. It is the spiral of fear as more people will get shot, more people (many untrained and unaware of the most basic gun safety guidelines) will get guns, more disputes will result in guns being used and more people will but more guns.  Of course, more guns in more homes also means more suicides. The spiral of death accelerates.

    I guess in a way NC legislators pushing this NRA bill are just making sure that their state stops lagging behind other states in freedumb.  I mean, would everyone want to "improve" their state's standing from 15th place and strive to become #1? (As in beating OK (14), TN (11), GA (10), AR (9), MO (8), SC (6), MS (5), or AL (3) - all in striving to become #1 like Louisiana!)

    Sometimes I feel it's OK to live in a state like MA where we are at the bottom of the heap (#49), but it boggles the mind that everybody does not have the ability to live in a safe state and, by the looks of things, the NRA (with help from ALEC and all their other buddies) are doing everything possible to make us all look more like Loisiana than like Hawaii.

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