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  •  A neighbor of mine noticed squirrels. (6+ / 0-)

    Actually we all in the neighborhood did, lots of squirrels.  And they decimated my garden as yours do.  I tried every trick imaginable to stop the predation of my veggies, to no avail.

    One day my neighbor heard something in her eaves and called an exterminator.  They opened up the eave, he deposited his traps and poison, and they counted fifty squirrel carcasses when all was done.

    We didn't have any particular problem after that for a year or two, managed to eat some of our tomatoes.  Then they came back, more each month, until once again I can barely grow anything edible.  I concentrate on ornamentals now, which they still dig up just for spite.  And though my neighbor's attic is squirrel-free, somebody's is party central.

    The upshot is, maybe a neighbor of yours has discovered his/her own party attic and taken action.  You wouldn't see the carcasses if it's a concerted effort to get the little bastards.

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