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  •  Is a party an electoral machine? (4+ / 0-)
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    Or is a party a group of people committed toward working toward an agreed objective?

    In the second sense, there are a lot of third parties that are driving a lot of policy agendas for the Republicans. There's the theocratic party which insists on its reproductive slavery of women agenda. There's the unfettered individual capitalism party of the Koch brothers and others, fighting to take away government support of rights in the workplace so it becomes a matter of raw economic power. There is, of course, the gun venders lobby, fighting for the right to profit from sales of guns into the gunfights that are the toxic side-effects of our "War on Drugs". The list goes on.

    The modern Republican party seems to be a coalition of third parties who aggressively turn out to vote in primaries and are willing to select a less electable candidate in order to enforce discipline on the party candidate.

    The challenge for doing the same thing for a radical reform agenda within the Democratic party is identifying the stream of money to fund it. That's the challenge to the Eric Stetson approach ~ in a system in which the first question is not how many people we can excite about supporting some particular objective, but rather what reliable, sustainable stream of money can we tap for supporting some particular objective, those objectives that we ought to be pushing for are quite often long lasting social ills precisely because of the lack of a reliable, sustainable stream of funding that can be directed to demanding that the ills be addressed.

    Indeed, one of the limited areas of progress has been addressing entrenched discrimination against LGBT communities, and that is an area that has seen a reliable funding stream that can turn on and off depending on whether a politician supports progress in that area.

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