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  •  California Family Code Section 400 (10+ / 0-)
    400.  Although marriage is a personal relation arising out of a
    civil, and not a religious, contract, a marriage may be solemnized by
    any of the following who is 18 years of age or older:
       (a) A priest, minister, rabbi, or authorized person of any
    religious denomination. A person authorized by this subdivision shall
    not be required to solemnize a marriage that is contrary to the
    tenets of his or her faith. Any refusal to solemnize a marriage under
    this subdivision, either by an individual or by a religious
    denomination, shall not affect the tax-exempt status of any entity.
       (b) A judge or retired judge, commissioner of civil marriages or
    retired commissioner of civil marriages, commissioner or retired
    commissioner, or assistant commissioner of a court of record in this
       (c) A judge or magistrate who has resigned from office.
       (d) Any of the following judges or magistrates of the United
       (1) A justice or retired justice of the United States Supreme
       (2) A judge or retired judge of a court of appeals, a district
    court, or a court created by an act of Congress the judges of which
    are entitled to hold office during good behavior.
       (3) A judge or retired judge of a bankruptcy court or a tax court.
       (4) A United States magistrate or retired magistrate.
       (e) A legislator or constitutional officer of this state or a
    Member of Congress who represents a district within this state, while
    that person holds office.

    23, D, pragmatic progressive (-4.50, -5.18), CA-14. DKE folk culture curator.

    by kurykh on Fri Jun 28, 2013 at 06:35:31 PM PDT

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