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  •  NY Times: GOP paints Clinton as old news in 2016 (9+ / 0-)

    "She's old" seems to be shaping up as one of the main GOP criticisms of Hillary Clinton, if she runs in 2016.

    Tim Miller, a GOP strategist, said on twitter the article is being misinterpreted, with people conflating "old aged" with "out of date."

    Fair enough, if the GOP wants to make the case that Clinton's ideas are out of date, that's certainly valid.

    But can they do that? It seems like on most issues, her stances are more in touch with younger voters than her potential 40 year old GOP opponents. And that's the main problem here.

    The GOP actually provides us with a good example that age doesnt matter, for the most part. Reagan, despite being the oldest president ever elected, did well with younger voters because he was seen as someone who had a forward looking vision. That's the same reason that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama beat their older opponents. So the issues are still important and will still be a hurdle for the GOP in gaining younger voters.

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