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View Diary: If Bush's 4th term is what I get, I'm voting 3rd-party in 2014 (45 comments)

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    But there a few things to agree on, primarily this:

    reigned in Mountaintop Removal
    Yes, that is one area where he did reign, in fact one of his very first acts was to clear 42 of 48 pending MTR coal mining permits that had been languishing under Bush  

    Overall his energy policies have been absolutely horrendous.

    The same can be said of his foreign policy, domestic surveillence, education, financial policy and budgets - essentially everything (again, except for his SC nominees).

    Bush would have gotten us out of Iraq too?

    Obama basically followed the existing plan to "end" that war.

    Bush would have formally ended DADT?

    Not really relevant, the courts would have taken care of that.

    Bush would have passed Healthcare reform?

    It was a republican plan that Obama passed, IOW, a bit difficult to get too excited about.

    Bush would have handled things like Hurricane Sandy effectively?

    "things like?" - don't really know what that means.  But to me the bigger issue is that Obama has done nothing but exacerbate the underlying cause of such events by going whole hog into fossil fuel extraction.

    Bush would have responded to the Boston Marathon Bombing the same way or better?

    OK, that's a huge reach, what did Obama have to do with that?

    Bush would have called off the legal defense of DOMA?

    Perhaps, the power behind the throne (Dick Cheney, that is) wasn't really all that big into that type of thing.

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