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  •  Once taken it is no longer private. (13+ / 0-)

    The point BBB makes is that "taking" was going on before people were aware of the scope of same.

    Thump! Bang. Whack-boing. It's dub!

    by dadadata on Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 05:28:39 AM PDT

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    •  Correct. And it never should have been taken (8+ / 0-)

      to begin with--and the reason people weren't pissed off about it before now is exactly because--like you say here--most people were not aware of the scope of same.

      Relatively few of us were pissed initially. Over time, our anger got louder, but there were still too few of us. And now--now that a LOT MORE people have the chance to "become aware" you have a whole bunch of  (fill in the adjective of your choice here) people waving it away with "Where were you ten, fifteen, twenty years ago"?, now that the scope of this intrusiveness has become a lot more obvious.

      WTF?? Don't we WANT everyone to wake up and get pissed off enough to motivate them to join us and work to effect change in this? Why in the hell do we care how long it takes anyone to wake up, as long as they do?  

      Yes, we absolutely should be having this conversation--we should have been having it a long time ago. But we can't have a large conversation until everyone joins in. So the people who brush us off, over and over and over here lately--with derision and yawns and insults and insinuations and lectures about how far behind the curve we are, bless our hearts--need to knock it off and pull up a chair, already. If they're not interested--however it is that they express that disinterest--it's time to move on without them.

      "The “Left” is NOT divided on the need to oppose austerity and the Great Betrayal. The Third Way is not left or center or even right. It is Wall Street on the Potomac."--Bill Black

      by lunachickie on Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 06:18:02 AM PDT

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