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    Seriousness of both the government caching private data and the Grade A fascism of the government not only engaged in private data sharing with corporations but also concurrently contracting services from them. You can bet the government does indeed contract with Google for services. Your point about private corporations abusing their access to the data is another conversation entirely, and yes the government might not not have access to it if it were not being collected, but this breach of privacy and constitutional abuse was a scandal under Bush and it's a scandal under Obama.

    Similarly, the means by which the data is collected, or whether or not it is pushed, is immaterial (FTP). If anyone believes the story coming out of Google on that front they should probably reevaluate. It's designed to confuse. Transfer via FTP can be automated as efficiently as any other protocol for the most part, and just because there is some perceived approval process in a request-confirm-comply workflow doesn't mean there's any latency in it. The only difference is, if you believe Google, one extra step in the workflow.  

    I work for a company that has government contracts in the field of technology, and just to even work on a project that did not require a system-to-system interface on my behalf, I had to go through a background check and receive a contractor ID. There is an entire team maintained by my employer exclusively to interface with the government, and work undertaken for the government is done under special protocols (human and technological ones), so if anyone believes that this is happening with some intern pushing PNGs to a government FTP server when a request is made, they're trippin'. Google likely has more than one LARGE team tasked specifically with government contracts, technology and interfaces, and it would not surprise me AT ALL if there's overlap. For all we know, Google has "plausible deniability" because they're talking about only one of the programs with this "information release." There could be more, and there probably is.

    It's only a matter of time before flawed human beings in government can't resist the temptation to use the data to influence an election, smear a competing candidate, deny someone a job based on tidbits of information, or discriminate based on someone's health status. That's only what I can come up with in a rush. For that matter, the IRS, via eFile, has my bank account info, which is also completely inappropriate. Where will it end? It won't unless we define the parameters, and downplaying the seriousness of the Obama Admin's reckless hubris in its usage and collection of personal, private information won't help.

    I have always been impressed by your capacity for objectivity as it relates to Obama, so why the downplaying here? The private aspect of this just as important as the public, and your focus on it is great, but as others have pointed out, Google can't jail you, or render you, or smear your good name or have you deported - for now. But they sure can assist the government in doing so.

    I don't subscribe to the black-and-white nationalism most do, but Snowden is a patriot, or if you prefer as I would, simply someone able to clearly understand the difference between right and wrong.          

    Slap happy is a platform.

    by averageyoungman on Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 08:30:41 AM PDT

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