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  •  What is the arrangement between private companies (0+ / 0-)

    and the government? Are they paid for this massive dump of call records that must be absolutely useless for any national security purpose? Who arranged this deal?

    I am curious about how this info sharing originated. Booz Allen looks like a massive wealthfare project for spooks and political appointees to transfer tax dollars to tax dodging tech companies. This is a fortune 500 company that makes almost all its money from taxpayers and is staffed by people who work in both government and private "security".

    Is Google, and other companies, selling information to the government they get for free from their users, and still not giving us a cut?

    •  Booz Allen (0+ / 0-)

      They used to be a management consulting company.  There isn't much demand for second-tier management consulting, and they had a big government contracting business.  They hired the right politically connected partners and jumped on the 9-11 bandwagon.

      Google goes along with this because they are competing with Apple, Microsoft, and the whole telco and media industry for political clout; telco and media have more political power in their pinkies than Google and MS could ever dream of.

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