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View Diary: Old white man decides to leave military sexual assault decisions in the hands of old white men (175 comments)

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  •  They are like the Catholic hierarchy on pedophiles (7+ / 0-)

    Only the Church should be able to discipline them.  A position that went out when Henry II bested Thomas a Becket.  

    Only the chain of command should discipline is just the same.  A crime is a crime, and military people accused of serious crimes, which is what sexual assaults are, should be dealt with outside the chain of command, and maybe even by civilian criminal courts.  After all, it is totally outside the scope of their duties.  They cannot claim the privileges of the military at the same time they violate their duties to fellow troops.

    The real problem is in the culture of the military, which prizes power and male dominance.  That includes male dominance over other men.  Remember a huge percentage of the assaults are against men.  They also need to drop hazing and the use of physical punishments.

    Levin has clearly outlived his usefulness as a Senator. Retirement can't come too soon for him.  

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    by Mimikatz on Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 08:52:52 AM PDT

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