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View Diary: Bloomberg asks donors to cut off red-state Democratic senators over gun votes (85 comments)

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    Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN

    Any dem who was going to give to Baucus could still give that money to another Dem. I'm just as happy not to have Baucus be the one determining who gets the cash. I have no problem at all with Bloomberg calling for donors to stay away from Baucus. With the others it's a tougher call for me. I understand the strategic arguments, but I also think a reluctance to ever even consider punishing a Dem for taking a repulsive stand on an issue is one reason we have some many Dems. who feel free to stab us in the back. If Bloomberg sinks Pryor for example, who can't seem to be more proud of his backwards stance on the issue, we'll be down one Dem. which is a bad thing, but we'll also have a pro gun-control group that can actually scare folks, and thats worth something too.

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