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  •  I hear you on the hot and muggy (16+ / 0-)

    Tallahassee, Florida.  I was somewhat relieved when I checked the temperature at the end of the day yesterday and discovered a high of 98!  It had seemed awfully hot and I didn't want to think I was getting soft in my old age.

    Already in the upper 70s when I left home at 7:45 and I was dripping after my bike ride in.  I have to leave to get to my lecture hall half way across campus in about ten minutes and am hoping to not get reheated all over again.

    I've been spurred by a new event to get some wall racks for my kayaks so I can keep them in the garage (we actually are among the few people in our part of the world who use their garage for cars which doesn't leave a lot of other space).  I moved one yesterday morning and discovered that an ant colony had been using it as if it were a large rock or log and built up a layer of soil with passageways between the top of the kayak (upside down) and the ground.  Didn't hurt the kayak of course but would make it a bit difficult to use!

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    by matching mole on Thu Jun 13, 2013 at 06:05:28 AM PDT

    •  I used to do a lot of canoeing, (18+ / 0-)

      and the canoe was stored upside down in the back yard. Of course the wasps would regard this as a great setup for a nest. I'd always flip the canoe over and step back a safe distance, to see what might fly out.

        •  I am currently sitting under my Greenwood canoe (4+ / 0-)

          hanging as sculpture overhead.

          Handmade wooden canoe, canvas covered, bought new from a really old fella in Vancouver BC in 1970. Greenwood Canoes.

          That man, Mr. Greenwood had the neatest shop ever. He was in his 80's, had a game leg, and the bluest brightest eyes and quickest brain one could hope to have.

          It was a privilege to be personally escorted thru got steam heat from a nearby wood waste fueled boiler, there were steam pipes to several ancient quonset huts there in the weeds next to the Fraser river, south shore.

          Each quonset hut had it's own permanent jig for the shape of the particular model made there, right in the middle of the floor. The stacks of ribs and planks were on one wall, the steam tube cabinet was on the other, and the floor was deep, as in feet deep of shavings.

          The ribs were in placed in tubes in a steam cabinet, they were put in and taken out when feel and experience and intuition said they were ready..they could be too hot or too cold, but when just right would be successfully shoved down into the jig, and wrapped quickly around the jig forms to be nailed to the keel.

          After the ribs had been all bent in, the planks would be applied to the ribs and shaped by the mold/jig, and the ribs already in place. All fastening was done with copper clincher nails, a hammer was applied to one end and a solid anvil was held against the other end, the point would be bent back into the rib by the anvil and be clinched in place.

          And the whole operation was done in almost silence, men working quickly and efficiently doing what they did before many times.

          All these ribs were white oak, the planks were red cedar.

          All wood pieces were tapered and preshaped and organized, well organized.

          After the planks were on, the canoe was removed from the jig and the gunnels were pout on inside and outside, the seats and thwarts were installed..all prefinished those..

          Then the hull was taken to another hut for the application of canvas, tacked and set in white lead paint. Then the canvas was painted as was the interior woodwork varnished.

          I never saw the shop again or saw any reference to it in any canoe magazines afterwards, but they had been making the best wood and canvas canoes ever.

          Mr Greenwood proudly showed me the features he used that made his better than the other more well known canoes like the Chestnut Canoes, Penn Yan, Peterborough, Old Town..all of which we used to have several of in Ontario when I was younger. My uncles and cousins restore them when they find them....

             Mr Greenwood tapered the ribs especially and the planks had long splices that spliced the load over several ribs near the front or back, as different and better than the butt joints used by other more widely known canoe makers..a pride he had.

          I was lucky, most were built to order with a year backlog, but a customer had failed to purchase this beautiful 13' dark green one, and there it was, waiting for me...

          Polly has posted some of her early pictures, I have very few, but I do have one of me and my gf at the time with the truck and canoe in the background, in northern bc..I shall make a photo of it and post it here, heh...later, much later.

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          by KenBee on Fri Jun 14, 2013 at 04:32:36 AM PDT

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        •  more canoes..Grizzley bears ...and monkeys (4+ / 0-)

          I did find a brand new entry on Greenwood canoes, very detailed.

          Greenwood Canoes..I think I must have been there just before the fire, as everything had a permanent quality to it and as I said, there were lots of flammables around.

          Bill Greenwood had a stroke at 24, and did all that with trusted helpers and one arm.

          From that link and his blog to Mike Eliot, Canoe Guy's Facebook page

           I then went to another canoe facebook page   Wanapitei Canoe & Northern Outdoor Expeditions and from there to

          Alaska Bears and Wolves where there are several China and Alaska videos and photos (don't miss them!!!)
          but the really freaky one is this:

          A Grizzley Ate My GoPro

          So, started with your or somebody's remarks about canoes and now I'm in China after being down a Grizzley's throat!?!?!

          It's been a busy night, all that excitement, going ta bed.

          This machine kills Fascists.

          by KenBee on Fri Jun 14, 2013 at 04:45:24 AM PDT

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