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View Diary: Odds of Dying by Terrorist Attack: 20,000,000 to 1 (246 comments)

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  •  The terrorist organization which organized 9/11 (7+ / 0-)

    killed off their main guys with that attack. The trainers have been killed over the last many years as fast as they were found. The leaders have been killed too. Further killing just enrages civilians who are getting hurt in our attacks.

    There is no "there" there.  There wasn't much of a "there" after 9/11. Their big groups of skilled guys was killed in their own suicide attack.  Yes, lots of Taliban exist, but they only want their country back.  

    Al Qaeda?  Really?  Let's review:

    Underwear bomb: severe burns to the legs and genitals of the super intelligent bomber. In prison. No one hurt.

    Shoe bomber:  nada. couldn't light the laces. In prison. No one hurt.

    Boston:  one-off internal nutjobs just like the continual RW nutjobs. Plus, we knew about them and failed to sufficiently follow up Russia's information. Going to prison. Other one dead.

    Times Square: likewise, one-off nutjob. No one hurt. In prison.

    Anthrax?  nutjobs in the USA, like always.
    Ricin?  nutjobs in the USA, like always.

    We've had nutjobs for years. Unibomber: catch him with police work, not searching every American.  Hell, he was way out in the woods anyway. Even if we had searched every American, he likely wouldn't have been because no one even knew he was out there. Nor did he have a cell phone, computer, etc.

    So, for basically a threat of ... nothing ... you would like the NSA to have every tiny granule of information about your life?  Is it OK for the government to hold that forever, so they can build patterns and find wrong doers (in whoever's eyes happen to be in power at the moment).

    It is a list-generating machine:

    Lists of women who had or want abortions.
    Lists of people who own pit bulls.
    Lists of people who own and enjoy guns.
    Lists of people who cheat on their taxes or spouses.
    Dirt on political enemies since childhood.
    Lists of Jews.
    Lists of any human activity, behavior or identity you can imagine.

    It isn't like any country ever used lists for any bad purposes before, is it?

    It is all data, all the time. It has to be dismantled.
    The GWOT is a phony war which only helps motivate enemies to become terrorists.  

    "The law is meant to be my servant and not my master, still less my torturer and my murderer." -- James Baldwin. July 11, 1966.

    by YucatanMan on Fri Jun 14, 2013 at 11:00:55 AM PDT

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