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View Diary: Ohio's lt. gov. lies about Obamacare rate hikes (26 comments)

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  •  First it was weird watching (1+ / 0-)
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    1990's era Movement Conservative policy be attacked as radical and leftist.

    Now, it's utterly bizarre watching hardcore wingnuts try as hard as they can to fuck up the last chance they have for the preservation of the free market role in healthcare to be as big a focus as providing and delivering access to care.

    If this asshole succeeds, he thinks he gets one thing but what he really ends up getting is an outcome that will make his head really explode.

    If they win, if they get their way, the result will be a wave of human misery eventually followed by vastly more non-conservative to far more blatantly ideologically liberal policy outcomes as a solution.

    I get that the scary black man adopted it and proposed it, and the Democrats passed it by sheer force of will so... Communism!

    But there is no going back to the pre-ACA status quo.  

    Not because the all-powerful pixie dust farming hippies and great gay and lesbian unicorn herders league of America would not allow it because they hate freedom and Christmas, but because of the cold hard  business math. The bottom line.  

    It was breaking the system. We never would have had healthcare reform if the viability of the whole system shitting the bed wasn't what was at stake with the old status quo. Hospitals and Insurance companies didn't magically wake up giving a shit about the poor and the sick. If the system shits the bed, their bottom lines shit the bed too.

    Killing the ACA basically leaves them with a massive human suffering crisis, but also a systemic healthcare crisis. Something was done because something had to be done. No ACA doesn't mean no reform. It means more radical reforms. Like facing a mass expanding of Medicare on a grand scale or incrementally in chunks as the pathway to providing universal coverage.

    Only a wingnut who is living 24 hour news cycle to 24 hour news cycle PR "win" can't see it.

    The only other alternatives to the ACA, besides the utter delusion of the nation going back to the pre-ACA days that were both systemically non-viable and economically unsustainable as well as a mass human tragedy, that would be turned to to replace the ACA should it fail are all more liberal and involve more far more government involvement in the system.

    This is conservatism's last crack at the healthcare bat.
    This is preserving the free market insurance system and reforming the system.

    This is a conservative outcome. Kill it at your peril, wingnuts. You will not get a more conservative outcome in its stead.

    If this healthcare reform law does implode, it will be because the Movement Conservatism policy and economic assumptions behind it were wrong, and that wouldn't really be all that much of a shock considering that conservatism is about preserving and advancing conservatism as much as anything else socially, not because it is leftist or radical.

    At this point, I actually wonder if seething hatred for Obama will drive the Teahadi all the way around the ideological circle to the point of trying to wingnut-up a Medicare for All policy just to say they killed "ObamaCare".

    It would make as much sense as every other batshit thing the Right concludes is "winning" while they sound like a thousand toasted Charlie Sheens riding a thousand drunk elephants.


    I am a Loco-Foco. I am from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party.

    by LeftHandedMan on Sat Jun 15, 2013 at 08:01:31 PM PDT

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