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View Diary: Scenes from Ed Markey's Boston rally with President Obama (64 comments)

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  •  No, it is close. One poll makes it look like Gomez (0+ / 0-)

    is gaining ground/surging

    I did hear that. Also, sticking with the narrative that helps.

    POLLS DON" T MATTER AS MUCH THIS TIME. Because if turnout is abysmal it favors the Republican. And I am scared that turnout will be terrible.

    Im on FB with most people being left leaning but non political. I'm telling you, no one has an interest in this race. I get NO comments when I post something. When I post when the election is I get surprise.

    And when I talk to random people throughout the day (all walks of life) it's largely the same. I've never seen it this bad.

    Turnout is key. I'm hopeful but really worried.

    By the way, I was alarmed five weeks before Coakley lost. I saw that coming, and why. So I'm not without intincts. Which worries me further.

    I will be happily Wrong.

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