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  •  Politics comes first (3+ / 0-)
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    Political activism to control corporate overreach outweighs anything else we can do, but while working and waiting for political change there are also some action items feasible for those who can afford it.


    Take public transportation, buy an electric car or a hybrid, bicycle, weatherize your home and conserve energy

    Research the hell out of current research done on nutritional supplements like Vitamin D and fish oil to see if there is an unpatented, non-prescription scientifically sound way to treat any mild chronic disorders you may have.

    Buy organic food from local farmers whenever possible

    Switch your bank account to a local credit union or local small bank, and most importantly, pay off your credit cards. If you have a 401K, see if you have choices where the money is invested.

    To fight the Military Industrial Complex--I got nothing except keep voting for Democratic presidents.

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