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  •  Who gives a shit what those fucking (3+ / 0-)
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    parasites think? They are destined for the dustbin of history. Now it may not happen in my lifetime and it may not happen in yours but the truth always, ALWAYS, prevails and those leeches' days are numbered. They know it and they're always looking in the mirror wondering when the working class will transform itself from a class in itself to a class for itself (to paraphrase V.I. Lenin). But transform itself it certaiinly will and it's really no longer a matter of 'if' but simply of 'when.'

    That said, the two current bourgeois parties (the center-right Dems and fascist Rape-publi-scum) are locked in mortal combat and one of the issues in their death match is the question of reproductive freedom. That is NOT a "table scrap," as any person who had to address contraception prior to Roe (or, before it, 1964's Griswold v. New Hampshire) can tell you. Reproductive freedom IS working class freedom - the two cannot be discussed in isolation from each other.

    Sorry for the Marxist (Leninist) rant. There are issues where the Dems, bourgeois though they are, line up with the interests of the working class. Reproductive freedom is one such issue.

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