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  •  Monday, when Snowden's interview came out, (4+ / 0-)

    CNN spent the whole day making it about whether Snowden was a bad guy or a terrible guy.  A parade of NSA defenders and shills came on smearing him.  

    The worst for me is when some dickhead said that because he went to Hong Kong, that he had "defected to our enemies, the People's Republic of China."  

    This led to him being compared with Aldrich Ames and Guy Burgess, people who were actual moles and counterspies for foreign countries, not people who LEAKED THE TRUTH TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, SHOWED THEIR FACE AND TOOK FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS, and DESTROYED THEIR OWN LIVES THROUGH THIS ACT OF SELF-SACRIFICE.

    We all owe this poor guy in his twenties for what he has done.  All the people now saying, "Well we need a debate about this," THERE WAS NO DEBATE before Snowden, just a bunch of cynical whispering about how anything you say or do is fodder for the government.

    Which denied it all, even perjured  themselves before Congress about it.  (Clapper in March to the House Intelligence Committee).

    Salon: How Janes Clapper Will Get Away With Perjury:

    So Snowden is a villain who told the American people the truth out of decent motive.  Clapper is a liar who perjured himself to the American public and to Congress in order to keep us all in the dark about what this administration and the past one has done to us.

    Yet when Snowden's interview came out, who did CNN go to for color commentary?  Yup.  That fucker Clapper.

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