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View Diary: FISA Court Has Accused Government of Violating 4th Amendment (84 comments)

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  •  Minimum possible secrets (4+ / 0-)

    This is actually a security principle: you want as few things as possible to be secret.  If there are too many "secrets" it becomes impossible to guard them all.  

    This is one of several reasons why it's good for launch codes to be secret, but why practically the entire blueprints and schematics for the nuclear sites should, in fact, be published.  There are several other reasons; if you've been reading Bruce Schneier you'll understand some of them.

    Another security principle is that "secrets" need to be things known by a very tiny number of people.  Fewer than 20, certainly; probably fewer than 10.  Once you have large numbers of people with access, your "secrets" aren't secret.

    These are principles of actual security.  The US government is god-awful at actual security.  The "secrets" and "classified information" claimed by the US government generally have nothing to do with security; they're merely coverups of crimes or embarassment.

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