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  •  So is Rep Loretta Sanchez (15+ / 0-)

    a liar when she says the truth is way worse than we have already been told?

    Your distaste for Glenn Greenwald makes you read the Guardians update in a very odd way, but, luckily, this is America, you have the freedom to enjoy being spied on by the government as much as is politically expedient for your beliefs. Enjoy.

    •  No, she's not a liar. She's giving her own (0+ / 0-)

      impressions on the matter.  It remains to be seen if everyone agrees with her that there is worse than we've been told.   But she never verified Greenwald's now debunked "direct server access" claim, so her statements, true or not, are not relevant to Greenwald's tall tale.

      Hell, The Guardian itself already walked back Greenwald's "direct server access" claim, and you still insist on defending that claim?  What on earth for?

      Let's list the falsehoods of Snoweden/Greenwald we know so far:
      1. Snowden claimed he made $200k a year when he really only made $120k per year.
      2. Snowden/Greenwald claimed that NSA had direct access to tech companies' main servers so NSA could freely access anyone's accounts (email, cloud storage, etc) they wanted at any time they wanted.  It turns out that NSA only had access to FTP servers created for the purpose of depositing FISA court ordered data.  That is a monumental difference, and if you can't understand that, then there's no getting through to you.
      3. Snowden claimed that he had "authorization" to wiretap the president.  That's been shown to be a lie now.
      4. Snowden claimed he could name every CIA agent, their locations, and their missions.  Another now debunked lie.
      5. Snowden claimed that NSA could "watch your thoughts as they form".  A lie dependent on the lie in item 2.

      All we have from Snowden is a PowerPoint slide confirming the existence of PRISM, but we now know that PRISM isn't what he claimed it was.  It's the program under which tech companies deposit FISA court ordered data onto FTP servers that NSA accesses, not the "NSA has direct access to the main servers" bull.  And we know that Snowden disclosed a FISA court issued warrant for particular info.  Maybe yo u disagree with that court issued warrant, but the fact that it was issued by a court means that the talk of "fascist tyrannical police state" was vastly overstated.

      Now, Greenwald claims that he will be reporting more stuff, and he claims that he's holding things back that Snowden gave him, because Greenwald thinks disclosing those things would undermine national security or cause harm to particular people.  Maybe that is true, or at least Greenwald thinks it's true.  We'll see on that.  But the underlying core of Greenwald's reporting so far has been shown to be false, the Guardian walked it back, and everyone here knows that Greenwald is not an objective reporter.  Even his supporters know that he's not a straight objective reporter, he has an agenda.

      •  Wrong. The NSA has direct access. (0+ / 0-)

        Not to Google data centers.

        To Time Warner / AT&T / Cablevision / Verizon / etc.  Look up the whistleblower who reported on installing the tap at the AT&T switching center.  That's the way they "watch your thoughts as you type" (which is hyberbole, it takes seconds to get to the NSA servers).

        Pay attention and connect the dots.  Snowden is only whistleblower number six or seven, I think.  It's all adding up to a big picture -- I understand why some people get confused about details.

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