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  •  Direct access was expressly not my assumption (1+ / 0-)
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    So what was I wrong about?

    I'm sorry but you reading of my diary was not thorough.

    Indeed, consider your comment here. You write:

    "The NSA has direct access only to what these companies upload via FTP."

    And what do you think that is? Everything the nsa requests, per Section 702.

    You write "The claim they have direct access via FTP is like claiming I have direct access to your bank account when and because you transfer money into mine."

    No the claim is I have direct access to whatever you have in your bank acct because I have the power to compel you to transfer everything you have into my account.

    See I wrote about this in my post. Almost in these terms.

    Now do I know this is happening? Not directly But the reporting and the statements from the DNI (I relied not at all on Greenwald) indicate that this is precisely what is happening.

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