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View Diary: Update: U.S. to provide increased support to Syrian opposition forces (80 comments)

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    The Saudi backed opposition got its butt kicked on the ground in Syria in Al Qusayr. So now they are scrambling.

    And if you know how Saudi Arabia operates, it is quietly and with lots of money.

    Which is why it fails quite a lot.

    Like Republicans.

    But sadly we have too many people in Washington that equate lots of money with political power.

    Granted in the U.S. that has been the trend, but elsewhere, no so much.

    And not just here, but in France and England.

    France and Saudi Arabia agreed during a meeting in Paris that the Hezbollah-backed Syrian troops, which defeated the rebels in the strategic town of Qusayr, should not be allowed to repeat the same scenario in province of Aleppo, Al Arabiya correspondent reported Tuesday.

    The two countries expressed their stance after Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, and the kingdom’s intelligence head, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, met with French officials.

    Al Arabiya

    A little history. For over a year, the rebels HATED Aleppo. It did not 'rise up' against Bashar. So they attacked it. Looted the factories. Sold the equipment off to Turkey.

    A 14 year old boy was just murdered in Aleppo for 'blasphemy'. In front of his parents.

    The people of Aleppo, Christians, Kurds, and Sunnis, are not like the Wahabis.

    So for us to think we are going 'save' Aleppo by stopping Bashar from cleaning the few neighborhoods, we are stupid.

    But as long as we have the NYT and WP telling us fairy tales about the brave exploits of the freedom fighters, we are screwed.

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