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  •  The world changes. (10+ / 0-)

    The farther back you go, the more physical and obvious repression had to be to achieve the desired results.

    In the 'ideal' repressive society, little to no physical force at all is required.  The results of repression are what matter, not the outer expression thereof.  A populace that supplies the labor required to keep the upper class in luxury while subsisting on the crumbs left to them.

    For most of human history, that meant literal slavery of foreign populations.  Then it became apparent that the same ends could be achieved by economic policies that oppress your own population, and we no longer required literal slavery to achieve the same ends.

    So now, we only see the force expressed through violence when people physically dare to stand up against the economic caste system, such as in OWS protests.  Then the batons, tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets come out, until the protesters are properly pacified again.

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