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  •  The IEA report: redrawing the energy-climate map.. (1+ / 0-)
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    Glen The Plumber really something to see - pdf.

    One of the hurdles to energy corporations to re-tooling into renewables identified in the report is carbon lock-in

    I found a paper describing carbon lock-in:
    Understandin carbon lock-in by Gregory C Unruh - March 3 2000

    Industial economies have been locked into fossil fuel based energy systems through a process of technical and institutional co-evolution driven by path depenent increasing returns to scale.

    It is asserted that this condition termed carbon lock-in, creates persistent market and policy failures thatthat can inhibit the diffussion if carbon-saving  technologies despite their apparent economic and enviromental advantages. - emphasis added

    Energy policies to keep the 2 °C target alive include tackling this problem

    Somehow then the 3.5 trillion dollar price tag has to cost the carbon based energy corporations if this situation of carbon lock-in can be un-locked.

    Legislation that pays for true cost of carbon.

    Republicans won't like it of course (despite their 4 year long bloviating about the absolute need for paying for everything - that doesn't have military or missles in it's title - by cutting social programs) and even Dems in coal & fracking states but it's got to be done. A carbon tax or something to break the lock.

    But after reading War on Error's account of yet another cost/failure of carbon energy, and seeing the success of Solar Energy in nzanne's Dairy, with constant pressure anything is possible imo

    Great roundup this week as usual Thx MB

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