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  •  Man, that is a good question (7+ / 0-)

    When I was 7 years old, I remember my mom taking me to see Gerry Ferraro speak at a nearby synagogue during the 84 presidential election. MANY years later, I looked up the event and it turns out it was right before election day. You know you're screwed when you're the Democrat and your campaigning in New York just before votes are cast!

    That same election, being quite young, I went to before before finding out the results. The next day, I could not BELIEVE that Mondale had won only one state. It seemed so unfair! But I guess maybe that gave me the political bug.

    Also, my dad used to take me voting with him and would let me pull the levers, in those old fashioned TARDIS-style machines (which they are, believe it or not, reintroducting this year). I loved that.

    My first campaign was when I was 17, Eliot Spitzer's first run for AG in 1994. I was too young to circulate petitions (you have to be a registered voter), so they had me review petitions for errors back at the office. Spitzer came in 4th in a 4-way Democratic primary with 19%... which we considered a good result!

    But as for following politics fanatically the way I do now, that really all started in 2002, with the rise of the liberal blogosphere. I found a little site called Daily Kos, where the proprietor (some dude named "Kos") loved to track elections at a really granular level, and I found that I loved it, too. I just really liked being able to know (or at least, have a sense) of what was going to happen to this country, because, as we all know, elections have consequences.

    Daily Kos inspired me to start the Swing State Project, and in a fitting "coming full circle" way, SSP eventually became DKE, and so here we are today!

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    by David Nir on Fri Jun 14, 2013 at 02:05:05 PM PDT

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