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    The toughest for me personally was the day I came home from having my wisdom teeth out to, in agony and half out of it thanks to the sedative, seeing that Eliot Spitzer had gotten busted for soliciting prostitutes. I worked on two of his campaigns and also worked for the AG's office when he was AG (my first job out of college), so that was a terribly rough downfall. Though his first (and only) year as governor was pretty darn miserable, too.

    In 2010, I hated seeing Patrick Murphy lose probably above all else. He was someone whom the netroots had supported, with whom we had a good relationship, and who had been a real leader on repealing DADT. It sucked to see him go down. But he's a great guy and he will be back some day.

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    by David Nir on Sat Jun 15, 2013 at 08:48:54 AM PDT

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