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  •  ANY general claim that something ... (0+ / 0-)

    ... is legal and therefore its OK is debunked by ANY example of an unjust and abusive law.

    Plessy v Ferguson is not "the same as" signing the Patriot Act re-authorization into law in the sense that we can make some kind of equivalence between in what ways they are unjust and abusive laws ...

    ... but no such claim was made, so arguing that they aren't the same in that way is evidently a red herring, and the only question whether its a cynical red herring or whether you have first distracted yourself from the point being made.

    But the segregation laws upheld by Plessy v Ferguson and the domestic surveillance state upheld by re-authorizing the Patriot Act are "the same" in the sense of both being legal at the time.

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