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View Diary: Here is where Jeb Bush was going today when he talked about Hispanics and their fertility-Update 2 (61 comments)

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  •  Those trends are not so much toward Democrats (5+ / 0-)

    as away from Republicans. Since Gingrich's “Revolution”, as more and more groups have realized more and more that the GOP has, is, or will have harmed them one way or another, people have been becoming more and more reluctant to identify or to vote as Republican. Democrats can respond to this in a number of ways, including (1) rejoice and shamble on, or (2) realize that this is an opportunity to put together an explicit evidence-based agenda based on the two strongest Democratic qualities: that judicious use of large government programs can benefit not only those in need, but also every other aspect of the economy; and that our government should be the voice not only of the majority and of the wealthy, but also the voice of the minority and of the needy.

    I hope that we take this opportunity to define ourselves more clearly, because that will allow the party to do much more for the nation than if we just shamble along, winning elections by default.

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