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  •  Good Morning, hot and humid in SW Florida (9+ / 0-)

    I have been suffering from GOP fatigue lately, and I have not gotten into the NSA comment band wagon.  But I sure have enjoyed the comments on Paula Dean.  I guess it rings closer to my every day life.  I like to cook and collect recipes.  So of coarse I have one of hers in my recipe box that my family loves for special occasions.  I guess in today's world, when you are in the public eye, you need to watch your p's and q's.  I don't have cable so I have only watched her a few times over the years.  Because I see her in the grocery store in the magazine rack and on her products,  I found her in the news fascinating.   It will be interesting to see how much this will effect her reputation and career.  Thinking about her products I think I have only once bought one of her spices at Big Lots.  If the grocery checkout line is long I page through her magazine and look at the food.  Other then that, I am not part of her market.

    I am glad some of the reservations got some grant monies from Hud.  I know how hard it is around here.  It has got to be very hard for them.

    •  In the full article, posted in Aji's New Day diary (7+ / 0-)

      there is a complete list of places in many states which will also be getting aid from HUD for housing improvement.  The appropriations were not as damaged by the sequester as had been expected, so, good news!

      I have not been a fan of Paula Deen either,  her type of cooking just never appealed to me, so I have long ignored her.  I hope she will show some class about this, there is a great opportunity to do some good with this story.  My guess, however, is that she will fight it like crazy, and ruin her reputation forever.

      If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. &

      by weck on Thu Jun 20, 2013 at 04:21:09 AM PDT

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