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  •  Don't forget the whole point of austerity (3+ / 0-)

    Progressive politics does, to a large degree, depend on spending other people's money.  And when that isn't there to spend, then what is there to offer?  The decimation of the pensions and entitlements the people worked for has a lot to do with this.  People feel alienated because they got ripped off.

    And then along comes the far right.  They're not promising to hand out cash, they're just telling everyone who to blame.  Much cheaper and far easier.  They have no responsibility to fix anything.

    It's why I've always been more libertarian at heart and am fine with a lot of limited government.  Because it is true that the more support government gives out, the more damage is done when that support is taken away.  The more damage, the more anger and hate.  I hope austerity gets reversed, but I wouldn't count on it.

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