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  •  I've been watching that from the very purple (1+ / 0-)
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    Colorado.  We've got some areas that are all about the 21st century and yet we've got other areas like Colorado Springs with their right-wing zealots and NE Colorado that's talking secession because they didn't get their way on legislation this year.  The blue areas are seeing their populations increase, and I expect that to happen nationwide as well, though I don't know which will happen first - the states like Texas and Florida having the faster growing populations of Hispanics cause them to turn blue or the descent into economic disaster zones cause the people who can flee to get out and move to the already-blue states.  

    I am sorry for blue people in those very red states who are stuck when the ship goes down.  I hope groups like the ones fighting for Texas are able to refloat their boat.

    •  Well said CT (2+ / 0-)
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      blugrlnrdst, ColoTim

      Colorado is such a strange test case because of exactly the reasons you cite.  I also wonder if so many people will jump ship from the red state fiascos that the blue states will get flooded.  

      Either way, political darwinism will quickly expose who was right and who was wrong about the best way to govern.  And we already know the answer.  Hello Scott "Fail" Walker.

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