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    As a fellow Arizonan, we need more voices that speak out against the self-serving lunacy that is the R-AZ politician.  Like others, I agree mostly with the thoughts expressed.  But, to me, Brewer is a vile person, who has no empathy, no compassion, no morals and no manners either.  It was she who denied fellow Arizonans in need of life-saving transplants due to not having the money in the budget, thus leading to 4 deaths, to 4 families broken due to lack of health care.  The collective cost for the 4 transplants would have been around $ 1 million.  Yet, at that same time, the State of Arizona wrote a check for $3 million to the private prison corporation for empty beds within its system.  It made me realize that the Arizona political scene was not only fundamentally flawed and corrupt, but also devoid of humanity.  Brewer's medicaid expansion stance probably has more to do with her rapist son and his continued stay at the mental ward than anything else.  The woman is a self-serving pol of the highest order, as all the other cR-AZy politicians around here.  And yes, I do include McCain in that category as well.  

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