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  •  A Whiff of Honesty! (3+ / 0-)
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    BarkerSr, DeminNewJ, Odysseus

    From Jan Brewer's AHCCCS

    Before enrolling in ALTCS, if an applicant or family member is concerned about AHCCCS’ claim that will be filed against the estate, the applicant and/or family member should evaluate the financial benefits of enrolling the applicant in ALTCS. Because ALTCS payments made on the member’s behalf can exceed the actual costs of services provided, and accrue even if no medical service is provided, it is very important that ALTCS applicants (and family members) make an informed decision about enrolling in ALTCS. This is especially true for those ALTCS applicants who elect to remain in their own home and do not enter a nursing home. The applicant and family member should review whether it is better financially and medically for the applicant to pay for his/her needed medical services out-of-pocket (what won’t be paid by Medicare and/or other insurance) rather than enrolling in ALTCS and incurring a claim against their estate. Individuals who do not require many medical services may not wish to enroll in ALTCS because their estate will be responsible for payment to AHCCCS of all ALTCS payments that are listed in question 5 above.
    An ALTCS applicant may voluntarily withdraw his/her ALTCS application. An ALTCS enrolled member may elect to stop ALTCS enrollment at any time, to stop accruing additional AHCCCS capitation and other costs that will be included in AHCCCS’ claim against the estate.
    I suppose this will soon go down the memory hole, but it honestly states the intention to go after your estate, whatever it is.  Why single out 55+ folks for this treatment while handing out subsidies to younger, wealthier insurance exchange enrollees?

    Medicare eligibility should be dropped to 55 asap!

    •  Yes, agree with this.... (2+ / 0-)
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      Odysseus, splashoil

      Medicare should be available to anyone who wants to buy into it, at any age. But it is now especially important to people 55+ years of age.

    •  Washington State (1+ / 0-)
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      Washington State  is also specific:

      By law, Washington State may recover (be paid back) payments DSHS made for all Medicaid and long-term care services you received prior to your death. Payment is taken from the your estate (assets you owned or had an interest in at the time of death). This is called Estate Recovery.
      Washington State will recover the cost of all Medicaid-funded services (federal and state-funded programs) and long-term care services from age 55, including:
      • Doctor visits
      • Hospital stays
      • Prescription drugs
      • Medical equipment
      • All other medical services
      • Nursing home services
      • Waivers services (COPES and New Freedom) • Medicaid personal care services
      • Adult day health
      • Private duty nursing
      • Managed care premiums

      Obamacare is built on pain.  This is a feature and clearly intentional

      •  happening everywhere... (1+ / 0-)
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        Folks all across the U.S. ages 55-64 and their families(particularly heirs) need to be aware of this recovery of Medicaid $$. Usually this didn't become an issue until elderly went into nursing homes (or up to 5 years prior given the look-back period they examine to recapture assets given away).

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