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  •  The more money you have = the more cud you chew (1+ / 0-)
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    The most reliable source for Democratic voting (and democratic change) is in the working people and always has been.  

    Building a mass protest movement takes time and patience.  Its dynamics are unpredictable and it's almost impossible to know it will take off until somehow, suddenly it does.

    Don't give up.  And don't hate on working people who are frustrated, angry and more than ready to join with those who can really promise a better day.  

    And psssssssst Europe is not utopia.  What was the massive protest moving mobilizing hundreds of thousands in repeated marches and clashes with cops in Paris?  Oops, it was fascists, extremist Catholics and right-wing nutjobs pissed off at the new gay marriage law.  Who is leading agitprop actions and building community activism in Greece? Neo-Nazis.

    Stop complaining about how hard it is to make change happen and get out there and make change!

    •  Show me where I said "Europe is utopia". (0+ / 0-)

      Or implied it.

      I take your point, and appreciate the theme of your comment, but suggest caution when putting words in the mouth of someone you basically agree with.

      •  No harm meant! (1+ / 0-)
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        I was just trying to condense my thoughts and express them in an appealing manner...

        I appreciated your views and was just offering up a few more wrinkles.  Sorry if the phrasing came across as too aggressive...

        •  I figured as much, but... (0+ / 0-)

          ...what kind of day is it on dKos if you can't gin up a flame war out of nothing? I mean, Markos might take away our membership cards if we don't hurl at least two or three ad hominems at each other!

          Ok, so, do you want to be the Obamabot and I'll be the racist? Or should I be the apologist and you be the unsatisfiable professional leftist?

          When I'm not posting here, I play this game with my cat just to stay in shape. He's actually a secret Hillary supporter, so things usually turn vicious very quickly...

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