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View Diary: Domestic spying scandal: this is NOT going to just go away (198 comments)

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  •  Sometimes it's not partisanship that is blinding.. (4+ / 0-)
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    3goldens, gjohnsit, HCKAD, greenearth

    ..some Dems though.

     I don't necssarily agree with brooklynbadboy on this issue, but I do very much respect his unique skill at cutting through all the more ideological side of politics and getting right down to the mechanics of politics on issues. A view point that is very cognzant of people with average (or limited) political interest and/or involvement.

    I commented and BBB responded.

    A very convincing response imo that considers what people are concerned about on a day to day basis as what matters more than the more ideological (I suppose one could call it) aspect.

    I don't agree but have to admit that he's probably right about what the majority of people are wrried about. Though if people were better informed that could make a big difference in the level of concern

    Also too I think it's a good thing that this issue does not go away. These discussion have been so needed for a long time

    Thx gjohnsit

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