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  •  I know a ton of people. (5+ / 0-)
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    nchristine, webranding, kyril, CroneWit, kurt

    I am not one to hang out with people who plot to overthrow governments including and especially those who work for our government, but I've definitely come across some of those US government people through people that I know on a first name basis.  As far as the rest of the wide world goes, it is impossible not to think that through the many, many people that I know in this world, I'm not tangentially linked to people that I'd rather never know personally or know about.

    Tangential being the operative word, obviously.  I'm lucky,I guess because as far as I know I am not actually related to anyone who would fit the terrorist profile, but then again there is a man that has been researching a part of my family's genealogy for years who through DNA testing volunteers from our family has traced our origins back to Central Asia - lol - and we are predominantly a red headed and fair people, Baptists (not me, but most in that family) and Southern - the Central Asia goes back thousands of years, but... - lol  

    On some level, the theories being used to justify this dragnet style of spying are really more akin to notions of the guilt of original sin than they are a rational and reasonable approach to national security.

    •  My Family Events. Almost Everybody (8+ / 0-)

      either has or had a security clearance. My dad did. My brother's wife does. His wives parents did. My brother is under review now for one. Oh the list goes on and on.

      But Six Degrees! I don't buy remotely into the whole Muslims are terrorist thing. But my best friend. Muslim. He might love this country more then I do. His parents came here from Pakistan. Not remotely anybody to fear. Two high school teachers. Math and science.

      But I wonder, if you track back my calls from him, his parents, and then a few levels more what you might find.

      You can't think this is a logical way to connect the dots. You just can't.

      •  What I was trying to convey about (6+ / 0-)
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        kyril, DRo, webranding, CroneWit, Wee Mama, kurt

        staying away from people who work in that field is that I don't want any part in it, even tangentially.  Having said that my Dad worked on the House "secrets" committee or whatever it was called in the 60s.  He won't say what he did or what he learned during that time even now.  The general gist that I've gotten from him is that it is better to stay well away from all of it and based on his demeanor when it ever comes up, I trust his advice.  But really it is impossible to be a product of DC and not know people who are involved in that world.  

        A few have given me lectures about what I don't know that I've found quite troubling for two reasons - one is that I feel pretty strongly that they should not be talking about what they know (dad having taken his oath incredibly seriously); and the second reason is that they generally say things along the lines of "if you knew how scary and evil everybody really is you would never question what the security apparatus is doing to protect you."

        Which seems incredibly laughable when it comes out that 150 million Verizon customers are being spied upon.  If we really had that many people who were a threat in a country of just over 300 million people, I think we'd be having a completely different daily life experience here in this country.

        Furthermore, how in the world do they know that the spy agencies are even telling them true stories?  An industry that is based on lying and manipulation as a means towards getting people to do things they want them to do is not exactly a trustworthy source of factual information, in my opinion.

      •  And remember that definitions of 'terrorists' (2+ / 0-)
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        DRo, kurt

        is being expanded to include environmentalists (of various stripes) as well as 'peaceful protest' groups.

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