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  •  Let Me Get Interactive Geeky With You (4+ / 0-)
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    inclusiveheart, kyril, CroneWit, kurt
    Not to be mean to you about what you do for a living placing ads, but if the ads that come up for me are any indication of how badly a person's digital footprint can be interpreted, then I think we are in really, super big trouble.
    I make 85% of my living doing web sites. Only a little on keywords or online ads. The reason is a lack of understanding by my clients. I worked at ad agencies before there was an Internet.

    Advertising was about reach and frequency. Reach is how many potential people, well I reach. You might get a daily newspaper, you are counted in the reach, but you are on vacation and don't read that paper. I didn't "reach" you.

    Frequency is how often I deliver that message to you. A daily newspaper, well daily. The higher my frequency the better chance you see my ad. Seven ads in a week better than one.

    The Internet has flipped this 24/7.

    For me it is more important to deliver a few taloried ads, then a lot. Lets say I have a client that sells an eco-friendly manner to get rid of beetles only in the south (I don't have that client BTW).

    If I buy every Google search for "garden" and "bugs" I'd spend thousands of thousands of dollars. If I target the ad to just the south zip codes. The name of the bug and eco terms I might only get a fraction of a percent of ads. But they, well they might want to really buy what my client sells.

    Now I know you read that and think, yeah that makes total sense. Often my clients can't wrap their minds around it. They are used to the "old" method. Buy an ad and get it in front of as many folks as possible and hope, hope, hope.

    Not how I roll.

    •  Yes. I understand. (5+ / 0-)

      I'm a marketer.

      What I was talking about more generally are the claims that the government's databases are only tracking patterns and drawing conclusions from those.

      What they should be doing is something more akin to how you define your target because it is way smarter.

      Btw, part of my misspent youth in my first job was calculating "impressions".  I remember the UK Ad Age had a great front page photo of a TV on in a dark room with a couple on the couch starting to have sex with each other.  The caption read something like, "Can we really count these people as viewers?"

      It is actually apropos to what I'm saying about what the government might think they know about people based on this pattern thing - or even in some cases based on a specific  person's movements.

      •  LOL. The Recepition Area In The Last (2+ / 0-)
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        inclusiveheart, kyril

        ad agency I worked at had this huge poster. Like 20 feet by 20 feet. It said:

        Bob thought his ad was so good it only had to run once.
        That was a total dig at our clients. We were very good at our jobs and in your face. The NSA might need to hire you or me. They don't really seem how to target people.

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