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  •  Even non-geeks like me reading Wired now (4+ / 0-)
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    gulfgal98, worldlotus, DRo, kurt

    and other sources like Business Insider and the Hong Kong newspaper (the one Snowden spoke with last weekend -- their coverage today about a rally outside the US consulate was very moving.)

    Yes, I think we all remember the 2006 outrage over the Klein disclosures.  But the government-enabling MSM has been able to keep other whistleblowers out of the spotlight, as Kossite Jessaly Raddick often reminds us.

    I guess my point, webranding, is that people like you, technogeeks who have been kept abreast of the development of the technologies and govt/industry partnerships that support the NSA programs by your intersts and your professional reading, naturally tend to see these NSA revelations a 'common knowledge'.  The rest of us are having to play catch-up -- and to learn a new language while we're doing it.  so please be patient, and please use your professional knowledge to inform us so we can understand infrastructure that is transparent to you but opaque to us.

    (Okay, I'll go read the rest of the article now.)

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