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View Diary: Andrew Cuomo's "Tax Free New York" Proposal (106 comments)

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    The attention Occupy Wall Street brought to income inequality forced Cuomo to backtrack on his millionaire tax cut, although he did still achieve a cut, just a smaller one than he wanted.

    Activism can have an effect.

    But we're a long way from anywhere.  As the Nation article linked above demonstrates, it has become reflexive for far too many Dems of national stature to appropriate the title of "progressive" but only in domains tolerated by the 1%.  To wit, they support racial inclusion and LGBT civil rights and give constant lip service to fighting for the economic betterment of middle and working classes.  But it is lip service only.  They get in bed with Wall Street and enact policies that only further drain wealth and income from workers to the top of the top.

    For the coming age when the Cuomos and Bookers will be championed as the new new left, we'd best stockpile aspirin for the sads migraines to come.  Polish your activism boots and prepare for many more years of the frustrations of trying to speak truth to power!

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      joedemocrat, deep info

      look at the way your local Dems behave when their in power in the state legislature, governor's office, or city government with regards tax policy.  While Dems tend not to go for income tax cuts as their big attraction for business, they do other things like abatements and TIFs -- slights of hand that result in the same problems:  less revenue for the city and/or state to carry out basic governmental functions, with the biggest hit being taken by education, as it is easier to play up bad schools and demonize teachers than it is to do so with cops and firefighters (politically speaking, that is).

      Oh, and don't forget the sports teams, as they get what they want when they want it and the city (and/or state)  foots the bill.

      Is it courageous to propose tax cuts but not identify a single tax expenditure to rein in? Is it courageous to target your deepest cuts on the poorest Americans, who vote in lower numbers and provide little in campaign contributions?

      by caul on Sun Jun 16, 2013 at 07:08:37 AM PDT

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