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  •  You are only looking at one cycle (1+ / 0-)
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    Compare 2004-2008, when the state went from Bush +15 to McCain +19.  Or 2000, when Bush only won the state by 8 points.  And 1996, when Clinton won it by 12.

    The point is, the state has trended red in every election since 1996 up until last year when it gave a few points back.  That doesn't mean the state is trending blue any more than Michigan is trending red.  We have to look at the long-term trends, and those are awful for us in Louisiana as our base shrinks and shrinks to practically just African-Americans.

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      There are green shoots here that are easily taken advantage of. African Americans are also growing as a share, aren't they, as they return back after Katrina? The artistic white bloc votes liberally and are growing as a share as well. I don't think it is possible to shrink further among our white coalition, as that practically hit bottom in '08. I.E. there's only room to grow now.

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