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  •  Bernis Sanders is on it too (4+ / 0-)

    Sen. Bernie Sanders warns of an Orwellian future where everything you do is on file - By Eric W. Dolan - Monday, June 10, 2013 22:47 EDT

    “The question is: What does freedom and liberty mean in the United States of America? What does our Constitution mean? What kind of country do we want to be? Are we comfortable with knowing that so much of what we do in our private, person lives is in somebody’s file in the United States government?” the democratic socialist added. “Kids will grow up knowing that every damn thing that they do is going to be recorded some place in a file, and I think that will have a very Orwellian and very inhibiting impact on the way we live our lives.”
    And Senator Sanders is calling for action:
    In particular, Sanders said that Congress should narrow Section 215 of the Patriot Act. The section allows federal authorities to collect “any tangible things” that could be relevant to a counterterrorism investigation, so long as it is approved by a secret court. Sander said the government should be required to have probable cause to conduct surveillance on Americans rather than a “blank check.”
    But he doesn't stop there:  
    Private companies were also deeply engaged in the surveillance game, though for marketing and advertising purposes rather than counterterrorism.

    Thx jamess - Private contractors also are way more expensive and a huge part of this domestic surveillance mess. I hope that the "waste fraud and abuse" meme that the republicans harp about whenever there is a Democratis President in the White house won't keep all of our legislators from cutting off that waste instead of eyeballing SS Medicare & Medicaid as the "fix" we're so used to hearing about.


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